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The Right Daily Money Manager – Part 2

Choosing the right Daily Money Manager for your needs can be a challenge. In part 2 of our series, I’ll share another tip that can make the process easier.

Potential clients often ask me, “What makes your company different?” Last week, I shared with you our specialty and experience in working with seniors. If you missed it, you can read it here.

Another thing that makes Senior Partners different from other companies is that we believe the personal touch is important.

Some Daily Money Managers like to sit at home in front of their computers sorting mail and creating reports—in their pajamas. Which is fine for them, but it’s important for us to see what’s going on with our clients: are they eating well; are they moving well; are they getting the proper care they need? Things you can only find out by seeing them in person.

We meet with our clients face-to-face, on a regular basis, to “check in” and ensure their lives as well as their daily money matters are in order. This is where our tag line: life and money matters comes from!

How do you know we do this? Check out our references!

Any Daily Money Manager you choose should be able to provide you with a few references or testimonials about the services they provide. If they can’t provide you with this basic information, you may want to keep looking.

Ask friends, family, and professionals that you know to refer you to a good Daily Money Manager. You can also check out the American Association of Daily Money Managers for a listing of service providers in your area.

Next week: make sure they have insurance!

Your Senior Partners