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I could never do what she is doing!

“Marian is a godsend! I could never do what she is doing – it has caused me so much anxiety for many months! I appreciate all she is doing for me and the great help she is! I just wish Dan had told me about you all earlier – it would have saved me a tremendous amount of sleepless nights!”

Sherry P.

Integrity and Professionalism

“Barbara is able to easily explain complex concepts, she understands the senior care world, and she truly cares about her clients. All that, in addition to her integrity and professionalism, makes her an outstanding Daily Money Manager who is able to offer the right services for seniors.”

Michelle Allen, LMSW
Geriatric Care Coordinator
Hurley Elder Care Law

Caring Spirit with Lots of Patience

“Barb Scurry has the years of experience as a marketer and has demonstrated a caring spirit coupled with lots of patience in working with the senior population. This combination, I believe, is what is needed to serve as a Daily Money Manager. Barb has the experience and know-how to serve seniors efficiently in this position and will incorporate a personal touch.”

Leslie Larche, RN
Case Manager
Formerly with Park Springs Home Care

They Look After Me

“The people are wonderfully talented and have great personalities. Their services are well worth it. I appreciate how they look out for me.”

A current client

Years of Financial and Geriatric Healthcare Experience

“Barbara is one of those unique individuals that can bring order to chaos. She is a fast thinker and learner with a wonderful sense of humor. She will bring her exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail to every task that she works on for clients. Seniors utilizing The Money Moxie, LLC (now Senior Partners) to manage their daily financial affairs will benefit from Barbara’s years in both financial services and geriatric healthcare.”

Jim Phelan
East Region Channel Sales Manager
PNC Equipment Finance

A True Advocate

“Barbara hired my company, ChangingSpaces Move Managers, to help her client move and downsize to a different assisted living facility. While my partner and I were working, we witnessed the interaction of Barbara and this elderly client. Barbara is amazing – caring and conscientious and truly has been like a daughter to this woman, who has no family and very little support. She has advocated for this client and her well-being and got her the resources she needed in putting her on a sustainable financial path. I would recommend Barbara without hesitation. She is trustworthy and truly cares.”

Linda Kaplan
Move Manager
Changing Spaces

I Would Recommend to Anyone

“I became acquainted with Barbara two years ago when my mother needed bookkeeping and bill payment assistance. Mom lives in a retirement community in Atlanta, Ga. … none of her three children live there and it had become burdensome, not to mention fraught with worry, about what and how to manage going forward … I began to get acquainted with Barbara through emails and phone conversations. Her personable tone and intelligence came through immediately … She has been stellar in her response to me, my mother, and forthright with necessary suggestions and changes as my mother’s health and mental awareness diminishes. I recommend Barbara and her entire firm to anyone who needs help like I’ve described.”

Nancy Rossman, Scottsdale, AZ.
Daughter of a current Senior Partners client

I Have Someone Watching Out For Me

“As I get older, I feel kind of overwhelmed by paperwork, bill paying, sorting thru the myriad stuff that comes into the house on a daily basis … I hate the feeling of having something important fall thru the cracks. My inbox manager removes that worry. It’s freeing. I’ve got someone watching out for me.
I like having these professional services available to me while my mind and life are functioning just fine. Because if I ever start to fail a bit, to lose some of my sharpness, I’ll already have a good and trusting relationship with Money Moxie (now Senior Partners). If I need more or a different level of services from them in the future, it will be easy and comforting to make that happen.
I would think any senior would love and appreciate these services. It’s not about being unable to manage these things on my own – it’s about not wanting to anymore.
Working with Barbara has been so great. She’s smart. She’s ‘can-do.’ She’s patient and encouraging. When she walks in the house for a visit, the light gets brighter in my home. And my life feels lighter and at ease since we’ve met. Barbara’s a thorough professional who delivers help in a warm and unhurried manner. I don’t know what I’d do without her.”

Joan McErlean
Current Client

Barbara Came to My Rescue

“Barbara came into our lives about two years ago. She was referred to me by the Alzheimer’s Association. I had just become the money and life manager for Bill, who has Alzheimer’s. All our lives it had been his finances and my finances. Now the complete responsibility is mine. HELP! And Barbara came to my rescue. She writes checks for bills and monitors how we spend Bill’s money. When I am uncertain of what to do, she is a trusted, responsible person to consult. She prods me a little to be more money-wise. But she treats me with dignity. There are many other ways Barbara helps out. She has resources that being in this business for years I, as a nurse, don’t. But what I value most is the knowledge that someone is there to direct and protect Bill’s finances and I am not alone. P.S. She also loves animals so you know you can trust her.”

Elise Ledbetter
Current Client

I Always Enjoy the Visits

“The people are wonderfully talented and have great personalities. I always enjoy your visit. Thank you for ALL you do for me! Their services are well worth it. I appreciate how they look out for me.”

Current Client

Integrity and Professionalism

“My Dad is 94 years old and lives on his own (with caring non-family caregivers). My mom passed away 3 years ago, and since that time, he has been alone—quite literally—in Atlanta. I live in Texas, one brother is in West Virginia, and the other in Indiana. No aunts, relatives, cousins, or anyone else in Atlanta.”

It is virtually impossible to stay “on top” of his physical and emotional needs as well as his financial needs from this distance. I was referred to Barbara Scurry two years ago to help him in regards to his monthly financial needs, and though he did not want to believe he needed assistance in that arena, he now looks forward to his visits from Aimee and she has done an outstanding job of assisting him without “robbing” him of any sense of independence or control!

It has been amazing to watch this evolution from afar, and words cannot describe the peace of mind it has given all of us to know that his bills are paid on time, and his checkbook/accounts are kept current. In addition, Aimee has been a friend to my father—even attending a birthday party his caregivers threw him. That kind of care/attention/love and dedication simply cannot be bought and I give my absolute endorsement to this organization!”

Carol Rankin
Adult Child in Texas

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