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We don’t just stop at “inbox management” when it comes to helping seniors! We’ve created these free reports with information you need to know now to live a better, safer, more independent life. Feel free to download these reports for yourself or pass them along to your friends!

Life and Money Matters

Know someone that could use our services? Send them this quick, easy-to-read brochure!

How to Avoid 7 Scams Targeting Seniors

People over 50 hold nearly 70% of the nation’s wealth. Unfortunately, they’re also more likely to have disabilities or be isolated from friends and family. Together, these factors make them prime targets for con artists.

Don’t let your hard-earned retirement be part of the $36.5 billion that seniors lose to scammers every year! Download this report now to find out how to protect yourself.

Critical Documents Checklist

Do you know where your important documents are? In the event of a medical emergency, tax audit, or disaster scenario, would you be able to find what you need in a pinch?

The helpful checklist will show you what documents you need for different situations and how to easily organize them.

Record Retention Guidelines

The paperwork beast taking over your house? Tame it with this handy guide!
We’ll show you what important documents to keep, what to throw away, and when, so you can reclaim your counter space!

How Senior “Inbox” Management Works

Senior Partners helps seniors preserve their independence by assisting with money management, bill paying, appointments, and the “business” of daily life.

Not sure if Senior Partners is right for you? Check out this simple infographic that explains how we help our clients live independently longer.

Your Senior Partners