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Are you an Accountant, Attorney or Professional working with a senior client?

Maybe you…

  • Have asked them for documents so you can complete a proposal, application, or their taxes, but they’re not getting this information back to you in a timely manner
  • Noticed that your client is not keeping their financial affairs straight, threatening their livelihood and future
  • Are experiencing missed appointments and unreturned phone calls from your senior clients

Senior Partners can help!

When you realize that your senior clients are having difficulty keeping their files organized or making daily life decisions, call us. Our “Senior Partners” can step in and meet face-to-face with your senior clients on a regular basis — at an affordable rate — to help them organize and manage the information you need for legal, tax and daily life decisions, making your job more efficient!

And Senior Partners is fully-insured and bonded!

The services we provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Daily Money Management: bill-paying, mail review, budgeting, bank and credit card statement reconciliation, etc.
  • Vendor Troubleshooting
  • Financial Organization
  • Appointment and Calendar Management
  • Assistance with Medicare, Medicaid, and VA Forms
  • Mobile Notary
  • Professional Services Coordination
  • Professional Fiduciary Services
  • Transition/Moving Coordination
  • Computer Skills Assistance
  • Referral Resource
  • Protection against Fraud and Scams

Senior Partners sets the standard for client care

“Barbara Scurry redefines the role of financial assistant and money manager. We joined Barbara to downsize and relocate a recent client. In this three-week process, we witnessed Barbara’s dedication to detail as she methodically scrutinized the current financial situation and pulled together a team of professionals to help enhance the life of this senior. Her compassion for the client, paired with critical review and analysis of the financial situation, sets a new standard for her profession. Barbara stepped in to assist in managing the financial aspect of this client’s life and gave new meaning to how all clients should be treated.”

Holly Mitchell
Co-Owner at ChangingSpaces Move Managers

Your Senior Partners