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Could this be lurking in your unopened mail?
Could this be lurking in your unopened mail?

When I get the opportunity to present to groups of people about our services, I always start out by asking for a show of hands,

“Who here enjoys sitting down once or twice a month to open and sort mail and make sure your bills get paid?”


Okay, rarely I get the one oddball who’ll raise their hand—but for the most part: NOBODY LIKES DOING IT!

And this happens in a group of relatively young people!

Imagine what a challenge it can be for a senior citizen…

…who has arthritis and can’t manipulate the envelopes,

…or a senior who has Macular Degeneration and can’t even see the mail!

Daily money management services (or as I like to call it—Senior Inbox Management) provides peace of mind for seniors who are struggling with daily life and money matters like opening and sorting mail.

We’ve worked with several clients who found opening and sorting their mail to be too overwhelming—and they just stopped doing it!

As you can imagine, nothing good ever comes from not opening your mail on a regular basis: bills pile up, late fees and penalties start mounting, and utilities can be shut off just to name a few.

We recently helped a gentleman who had a stack of mail, piled up on his dining room table; we found over $3,000 worth of un-cashed checks in that heap of mail!

So look around you. Do you have a senior friend or family member who has stacks of unopened mail lying around the house? You don’t know what treasures could be lurking in those piles. If you don’t have the time (or the desire) to help—we do! Click here to schedule a free consultation.

You will lift a tremendous burden off their shoulders and put your senior loved one on the path to less worry and feelings of being overwhelmed.

Now who wouldn’t love doing that?!

Your Senior Partners