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Mom Really Might Have a Favorite…

May is the month for Mom’s…

Last week we discussed how siblings can decide who takes care of Mom (click here to read the full post). We briefly touched on how birth-order plays a role in that decision-making process. This is a topic that fascinates me so I thought I’d dig a little deeper in the topic.

I found this interesting article, “Did Mom Like You Best? Research Reveals Birth Order Role in Caregiving.” It reveals just how much parental preferences determine caregiving situations.

The article talks about a study that found, “… mothers often expressing preferences and identifying one to whom they feel the most emotionally close and one with whom they have the most conflict.

So who does Mom pick to care for her when she needs help? The article states, “It often was the one the mother felt emotionally closest to and who she thinks is most similar, who shares her attitudes and values. And she is the one who has provided support and help for her mother in the past.”

As far as birth-order goes, who do you think that ends up being?

The oldest, usually considered to be the smartest and most responsible?

The middle child, usually considered to be the peacemakers in multi-sibling households?

Or the youngest, usually thought to be coddled and spoiled and more demanding and impatient when things don’t go their way?

Believe it or not, Mom’s favorite is usually…the youngest!

(See…we older kids always knew Mom’s favorite was the youngest…and now we have proof!)

In fact, 64 percent of youngest siblings are primary caregivers compared with 57 percent of oldest siblings and 49 percent of middle siblings; and, 43 percent of youngest children say they have the closest relationship with their parents.

In any case, if you find yourself in the caregiver role whether you’re the youngest, the oldest, or somewhere in between, remember to keep our services in mind. With all that’s required of you, think of how nice it would be to have someone come in and take the daily money matters off your plate. Click here to schedule your free consultation with us.


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