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Old wooden treasure chest with strong glow from inside.

Now, I’ll admit, even as a Daily Money Manager, going through paperwork isn’t the most fun aspect of my job—but it can be one of the most crucial.

A few years ago, I took on a client who had no family to help her with her daily life and money matters.

During one of my visits, I noticed that she’d gotten a letter from an out-of-town investment firm regarding stock certificates she owned. She never responded to this letter because she simply didn’t understand what the letter was about…so she ignored it.

I called the investment firm to find out what was going on and discovered that if she didn’t claim these stocks, the state of Georgia was about to have them escheated (a story for another time)! However, my client had no clue as to where these certificates were located!

We looked in all of her important files and documents in her home…

We went to her safety deposit box down at the bank…


One day, I took several boxes of paperwork home with me to see if I was missing something. I spent an evening going through those boxes looking for anything that looked “important” and lo and behold…I found those stock certificates!

They had been in a non-descript folder that could have easily been thrown away as trash.

This discovery amounted to more than $125,000 added to her bank account! I’m still using that money to ensure she can get the care she needs three years later!

Do you or someone you know need help finding hidden treasure among paperwork? Give us a call and we’ll get our “shovels” ready!

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