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Choosing the Right Daily Money Manager – Part 1

Senior African American woman shoe shopping

Daily Money Management is a relatively new service offering in the marketplace, but there are many people out there offering the services and I get asked all the time, “What makes your company different?”

How do you know which Daily Money Manager to work with? How do you know if they’ll be a good fit for you?

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share with you how to pick the right Daily Money Manager for your needs and talk about what makes our company, Senior Partners, stand out from our competition.

First: who are the services for? A senior citizen, a busy professional, a small business owner? There are many different niches in our industry and you’ll want to work with someone who has experience in that niche.

Find out how long they’ve been working in their niche and if they understand the specific challenges in which you need help.

Here at Senior Partners, we specialize in working with seniors to help them manage their cluttered home “inboxes.” We understand that the constant flow of mail and bills can overwhelm seniors. We organize and prioritize their “inboxes” on a regular basis so that nothing is missed or misunderstood.

The staff at Senior Partners has roughly 41 years experience in working with seniors including complicated issues with our own parents.

You’ll also want to find out if your Daily Money Manager is involved with local organizations and networks with business contacts in their niche. The more connections they have, the better service and resources they can provide.

Senior Partners belongs to The American Association of Daily Money Managers (listed under former name The Money Moxie), attends a weekly, closed-network referral group BNI, and has been a part of the Gwinnett Senior Provider Network for more than 6 years.

We know the issues seniors face and can tap into our extensive resources to get them the additional services they may need.

So working with a Daily Money Manager who has the experience and resources in their specific niche is an important first step to picking your perfect match.

If you think we might be a good fit for you or someone you know, click here to schedule your free, 15-minute, no obligation phone consultation. We’ll be happy to talk to you!

Next week: Check those references!


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