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Choosing the Right Daily Money Manager – Part 4

Today we’re finishing up our four-part series on how to choose the right Daily Money Manager for your needs. (Don’t miss part 1, part 2, and part 3)

It’s important to know: How will your Daily Money Manager work? How will they determine the scope of the work that needs to be done? Is there a Service Agreement they want you to sign? Will they involve others in their work? Is there back-up in case something happens to them? Who steps in to make sure your affairs will be taken care of?

Here at Senior Partners, we offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to all potential clients. This gives us a very good idea if we will are a good fit or not. If a client decides to move forward, we have a Service Agreement that all parties sign that outlines who is responsible for different activities and protects you and the Daily Money Manager from future misunderstandings.

We pride ourselves on working with other senior service providers to help get things done for our clients. For example, we will coordinate with attorneys, accountants or financial advisors to ensure needed paperwork is being taken care of in a timely manner.

That should go without saying that a Daily Money Manager would coordinate with other professionals, but I’m always surprised when someone tells me about their past experience working with a Daily Money Manager who wouldn’t coordinate with other professionals or acted in a secretive way that the client felt they couldn’t get access to their own documents.

This is a BIG red flag!


…and thoroughly interviewing and checking references of the person you want to work with should root this out.

Does your Daily Money Manager work alone or as part of a team? If they are what we call a “Solo-preneur” (as I once was), just make sure they have some kind of back-up in case something were to happen to them. Here are Senior Partners, we have three Senior Partners and an Administrative Assistant on staff that can jump in and help a client if one of us becomes ill.

I hope these tips will help when you’re trying to choose the best Daily Money Manager for your needs. We would love to answer any questions you still may have. Please click here to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation today.

Your Senior Partners