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Being Prepared for Uncertainty

Whoa–things have changed so fast in the last few weeks. The threat of coronavirus seemed like a problem for other countries and other parts of our country until just recently. Now we’re all feeling the impact and the fear of getting sick. There is so much about this pandemic that we cannot control. But there […]

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Late-life love is blossoming all around us!

Older adults are meeting, dating, and marrying new love interests at rates never seen before. Perhaps because of longer life expediencies and changing social norms, about 67% of previously married adults ages 55 to 64 are remarried (to a second, third, or subsequent spouse) according to Pew Research.  Being partnered can increase life satisfaction and […]

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Signs That Your Loved One Needs More Help

This holiday season, you may be confronted with some shocking realities of your loved one’s situation. Many of our aging loved ones may be having an increasingly difficult time taking care of their bills, their house maintenance, and even their own personal care. Visiting your loved one in over the holidays may bring some issues […]

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Senior Partners: Adding an extra layer of protection

Recently the AJC ran a special series: “Unprotected: Broken promises in Georgia’s senior care industry.“ Like many of you, we were appalled at what their yearlong digging into our senior care industry revealed about the gaps in care and vulnerabilities that our older adults face. We were appalled but not really shocked. The care that […]

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