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I like to brag about how we get things done and save our clients money by implementing daily money management services into their lives. We pride ourselves on being trusted advocates for our clients.

But people will ask me, “how do you advocate for a client? Give me an example of how you save them money.”


The following is a story I like to share with people that outlines the value of having a daily money manager in your corner. We can be an extra set of eyes and ears to protect senior clients and save them money:

I had a new client that wanted me to help with opening and sorting her mail and getting her bills paid on-time. I noticed that she was still paying her long-term care premiums despite using her long-term care insurance. I called a long-term care specialist and he agreed that it was highly unusual.

So I called the insurance company and sure enough, I found out that she should’ve stopped paying her premiums 10 months before!

And now, she’ll be getting a refund of $2,850!

If I hadn’t stepped in and asked questions, who knows how long she would have needlessly paid those premiums, or if she would’ve ever gotten her money back!

We LOVE saving our clients money. It gives us all that wonderful warm and fuzzy feeling!

If you know a senior who really needs to save money and wants a trusted advocate to go to bat and get it for them, click here to schedule a free, no-obligation phone consultation.

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