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15 Savvy Money-Saving Tricks to Try This Year, Part II

You may recall from our last blog, we are committed to helping you save money this year! We hope you’ve implemented some of the tips we shared in the last blog. And you can go even further in your goal to spend less, save more by following these tips:

  1. Organize your bills. Make a commitment to never pay a late fee by always knowing when your bills are due and by having an organized system for paying them. You can also use a Daily Money Manager like the ones at Senior Partners to handle this for you.
  2. Shop for a New Medicare Drug Plan in 2019’s Open Enrollment.  Your Medicare Part D Plan is not a set it and forget it part of your life. If you last looked at your prescription drug plan when you first signed up for Medicare, it is well past time for you to do some shopping.  Premiums, co-pays, and formularies change often as does your medication list. Make a plan now to shop for a new Medicare Part D Plan in October.
  3. Apply for Extra Help. Many Medicare beneficiaries could be using the Social Security Administration’s Extra Help program to pay for prescription drugs. A quick application online at can let you know if you are eligible.
  4. Get Your Taxes Prepared for Free.  You may be able to avoid paying a tax agency or CPA to help with your tax filings. The AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Program helps low- and moderate-income older adults with their taxes for free. You can find out more at
  5. Cancel subscriptions. If you get a magazine or newspaper in the mail but simply don’t read it, cancel it. The same for gym memberships that go unused. Do you really need that Costco or Amazon Prime membership? Analyze your bank accounts and credit card statements for any recurring payments that may need addressing. Many of our clients have been regularly paying for services that they no longer need or that they meant to cancel after a free trial expired.

Stay tuned for our final tips coming out later in February, and share with us your successes. How have you managed to save money this year?  Email us your stories at

The Daily Money Managers at Senior Partners work with each of our clients and families to create realistic budgets, minimize expenses, organize financial papers, and pay bills.

To learn more about our services, please contact our office at (678) 278-8410 or schedule a consultation on our website.

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