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15 Savvy Money-Saving Tricks to Try This Year, Part I

Even if we don’t admit it, most of us have a New Year’s Resolution.  There is most certainly at least one thing that we all want to improve this year. Ask any of us about our finances, and we’re likely to respond that we’d like to save more, spend less. We would all like to end 2019 with more in the bank than what we started with. As with most self-improvement goals, this is easier said than done.

Older adults are no exception to this resolution. Many older adults find themselves living on a fixed budget with little options for increasing their income (aside from the Cost of Living Adjustment from the Social Security Administration) and ever-increasing expenses. This situation can be both terrifying and overwhelming, but older adults are not powerless. There are always things that can be done to improve your financial situation.

Every client Senior Partners works for benefits from our in-depth financial analysis.  As part of our relationship with our clients, we evaluate every penny that is spent and every amount that is coming in We look hard for any cost-cutting, money-saving tricks, as well as new sources of income and support; and we’re sharing our 15 favorite savvy money-savings tricks with you over the next few weeks!

Let’s get started with a manageable list of 5 of Senior Partners’ money-saving tips and tricks you can implement today:

  1. Use the senior discount whenever you can! Here are some of our favorite discounts:
    • AMC Theatres: Save up to 30% (55+).
    • Regal Cinemas: Save 30% (60+).
    • Belk: First Tuesday of every month, those of age 62+ get 15% off.
    • Goodwill: 10% – 20% off one day a week (date varies by location – 55+).
    • Kohl’s: Those of age 60+ get a 15% off every Wednesday.
    • Walgreens: Walgreens offers 20% off for customers who are 55 or older on the first Tuesday of every month.
    • Applebee’s Senior Discount: 10-15% off (varies by location) MAY require Golden Apple Card (60+).
    • Captain D’s Seafood: The “Happy Wednesday Offer” includes a choice of 8 meals + a drink for $4.99 (or less). Offer may vary by location and is valid for seniors of age 62+.
    • McDonald’s: Everyday discounts on drinks for those of age 55+.
  2. Lower your cell phone bill. How much data do you really use? Your last few bills will let you know how much you’ve been using. We once had a client paying for 6 gigabytes of data but was only using 1 gigabyte every month (the average use is about 2.9 gigabytes per month). Are you currently paying for too much data? Are there other services on your bill that can be eliminated? Is your carrier offering better rates now? Even if you can save an additional $20/month on your cell phone bill, that’s $240/year.
  3. Reduce or eliminate your cable bill.  Have you ever considered cutting the cord from cable? Or maybe you could downgrade your services from premium to basic. Many Americans are spending way more on cable than they use. With the advent of smart TVs, Roku, Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Sling TV, and others, you may be able to maintain access to all of your favorite channels and shows without paying a large cable bill.
  4. Reduce your grocery spending. By creating a shopping list, opting for generics, and shopping once a week, you can save a tremendous amount on your groceries.  Add couponing into your habits, and you can increase your savings even more. To further reduce your impulse buying, try a grocery delivery service. Companies like Instacart and Kroger will delivery groceries to your house.
  5. Use the public library. The library systems in Metro Atlanta offer books, movies, CDs, and eBooks. You can reduce your entertainment spending by using the library’s website and neighborhood locations.

Over the next few weeks, Senior Partners will be sharing more savvy money-saving tips! And we would love to hear from you–tell us how you like to save by emailing us at

Interested in learning more about Senior Partners? Check out our team here.

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